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Web Summit Lisbon 21; AI & Machine Learning in the tech industry

Web Summit Lisbon 21; AI & Machine Learning in the tech industry

For four days, Lisbon will become the world capital of technology thanks to the Web Summit 2021 conference. From 1st to 4th November, more than 500 speakers and thousands of experts will explore the latest breakthroughs in innovation and development from the standpoint of multiple aspects and sectors.

Combining creativity and technology, Lisbon will unite industry giants, entrepreneurs and startups with diverse and groundbreaking visions. The Web Summit is a unique opportunity to discover and participate in the courses of action that will define the future of technology in Europe. 

To discover the many events, debates and experiences of the event, check out the official website of the Web Summit.


AI & Machine Learning: the ace up the sleeve of technological development

If there’s one field that web technology leaders and entrepreneurs can’t help but keep track of, it’s Natural Language Processing.

With a development that evolves and progresses at a dizzying pace, this branch of Artificial Intelligence provides increasingly powerful tools for data processing which are increasingly human in their interpretation and translation of our language. 


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Machine learning and deep learning are two of the most innovative technologies that the technology sector cannot afford to lose sight of. 

The applications of these technologies are already part of our daily lives (our movie or book recommendations are created by algorithms and the personalized content on our social networks is all thanks to them), however, it is the combination of artificial and human intelligence that gives a real advantage to the companies that make use of them. 


Do you want to continue learning? What is the difference between machine learning and deep learning?


Do you know what the main advantages of machine learning are for companies?

The ability of machines to learn automatically allows them to improve their processes and increase their already high productivity. Here are some of the main benefits of working with these solutions:

Personalization for the customer. It allows you to offer services and display content and even cross-selling options with greater personalization. Thanks to the ability to process user profile data, behavior and interactions on the platforms, these can adapt their service to the preferences and particularities of each customer. 

Reduction of errors. Within organizational systems or process-based solutions, the machine is able to learn from the mistakes made in order not to repeat them. The longer a machine works on a dataset or system, the deeper and more robust its learning will be. 

Prevention of future mistakes. Artificial intelligence is able, after learning as mentioned above, to decide to discard decisions that increase the risk of errors or problems.

Increased cybersecurity. This benefit has an impact on both malware attacks and fraud. In the former case, the machine will be able to detect malicious codes that are similar to each other, thus preventing repeated attacks. Similarly, when it comes to illegitimate transactions, once it learns the pattern of these movements, the AI will be able to detect them. 

Increased efficiency. Smart process automation allows the machine to be able to autonomously manage routines or mechanical tasks, optimizing them over time thanks to a specific kind of learning for said processes. 


Pangeanic at Web Summit Lisbon 2021

Pangeanic’s technological development, based on AI machine learning and deep learning, allows to bring trainable and customized language processing services to Web Summit Lisbon 2021. A form of quasi-human language technology that allows the individual to extract knowledge through processed data in a private and secure environment.


Meet us on  Thursday, November 04! Stand number:  G-121 in Pavilion 3, GROWTH area

Web Summit Lisbon - Pangeanic's map


“Pangeanic combines human intelligence and technology to enable users to extract knowledge from data. We create cognitive and adaptive quasi-human machine translation, anonymization, knowledge extraction engines based on named-entity recognition, and sentiment analysis and summarization engines. Our SaaS translation and anonymization services aim to translate the world’s content and make it private, extracting knowledge for actionable insights.”

Manuel Herranz, CEO of Pangeanic 

CTA_Pangeanic sponsor MT summit 2021

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