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User Empowerment: Machine Translation API at Iolar’s TTT Conference

Manuel Herranz, as a representative from Pangeanic’s machine translation division PangeaMT will introduce business-changing technologies when using a powerful machine translation API and empowering translation practitioners to take the future in their own hands at Iolar’s TTT conference in Bled (Slovenia) 23rd-24th October, 2014. The conference will gather experts in several key areas to translation experts: terminology, technology, sales, the benefits of translation associations like ELIA, etc. Joaquim Alves, from JABA Translations will start the conference as the keynote speaker, where respected figures such as Renato Beninatto are also invited guests.

The conference aims to analyze methods to increase productivity in the translation industry and improve translation skills, focusing on improving the every day work of translating professionals. PangeaMT’s transfer of theoretical knowledge from the best of European academia and research into useful technology for day-to-day practice at translation companies will be the focus of Manuel’s presentation in this very practical conference. Iolar’s TTT aims to analyse how general trends in the translation industry change due to new methods of communication. Post-editing, a natural consequence of MT development will be the focus of some sessions. Beyond post-editing, once engines are created at a company, they become an asset which is often infra-utilized. With the right system, LSPs can not only become independent tecnologically and improve their engines and re-train them, they can learn how to customize them and also provide MT output as a business to their clients. A machine translation API open doors currently closed to LSPs and new business revenue.

PangeaMT is included in the technology section. The title of Manuel’s presentation is “Empowering Users with Machine Translation Environments – PangeaMT” and follows PangeaMT’s mission to empower translation practitioners to let them be in control of their machine translation process rather than being passive consumers of MT products – pretty much what has happened to Translation Memory systems historically.

The technology section at TTT will provide a general overview of current technologies in the translation industry. It will also aim to provide an insight into what the future is for translation companies as machine translation users.

PangeaMT, a division of Pangeanic, was set up precisely to empower users (translation professionals) with the technology rather than become passive buyers. Attendees will have an opportunity to obtain practical knowledge on NLP and MT issues in general, as well as advanced information through demonstrations of various tools and technologies already deployed at translation and localization companies like Pangeanic. Manuel will demostrate

  • what a DIY machine translation system really is away from the myths and sales talk and counter-talk
  • how to customize your own engines
  • what it takes to grow your own machine translation department within your organization
  • how MT technology behaves and how you can make the most of it
  • ways in which a powerful API can further business opportunites to a translation company to let it become “a true language provider” by opening access to its engines for fast translation to eCommerce sites, newsclips, etc.

Do not miss this opportunity to visit beautiful Slovenia and meet the experts in a friendly, approachable setting.

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