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NEWS 22 AUGUST, 2021

Positive evolution allows Pangeanic to enter Pre-Market Environment

Positive evolution allows Pangeanic to enter Pre-Market Environment

Pangeanic, now fully growing and expanding as a language technology company, has joined Entorno Pre Mercado (EpM), an accelerator program, to study capital markets and gain exclusive access to private and institutional investors.

Last July, Pangeanic became part of this renowned ecosystem promoted by the Spanish Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME), which deals with the organizational aspects of the Spanish stock exchanges and financial markets. This training and networking and networking program brings companies, investors and professionals together from across the Spanish markets, and offers companies high visibility, specialized training and professional advice – the aim is to provide the necessary support to aid their growth.

EpM-member companies, like Pangeanic, stand out for being in a state of high growth potential. Key to Pangeanic’s growth has been it’s increased presence in the U.S., Asian and European markets in recent years.

What’s more, the company has closed deals for illustrious European governmental projects such as MAPA (Multilingual Anonymisation for Public Administrations) as well as NTEU (Neural Translation for the EU) and others; and for major international brands, offering customized natural language processing solutions – a branch of artificial intelligence.

As Manuel Herranz, CEO of Pangeanic, points out, “With our incorporation into the Pre-Market Environment, we seek to achieve that extra visibility, give confidence to our investors and the team, and gain further business growth that will allow us to make the leap to financing in the stock markets“.

With over 20 years of experience, Pangeanic has become a staple provider of language processing services. With AI applied to its multilingual technology, together with its team of experts specialising linguistics, data, software and language and translation, among others; a new platform capable of integrating anonymization services, machine translation, text classification, summarization and entity recognition was born.

Years of investment in research and development have given rise to ECO, a platform with “Deep Adaptive” technology developed by Pangeanic’s technology division, which offers global NLP solutions to its clients. The platform also meets the relevant security and privacy standards required by current regulations.



EpM arises as a joint initiative of BME and Big Ban Angels Association with the objective of providing the support companies need to reach the competency and financial skill set of the regulatory bodies of the Spanish markets.

This program has seen the participation of 17 companies and 18 partners from different business sectors that with the help of the associated investors, are able to create a rich ecosystem that builds companies up to make sound decisions ahead of their stock market environment status.

Pangeanic’s growth trajectory sets an example of a EpM company with potential.

The company’s growth forecast, which is expected to double by 2022, is the result of a scalable business model that is highly adaptable to market needs.

Since its beginnings as a translation company, the company’s technological development has led it to use artificial intelligence and apply this to language processing.

Currently, it processes language globally and can automatically extract actionable information from it, regardless of language.

Its entry into Entorno Pre Mercado is yet another step in Pangenic’s story of success.


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