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NEWS 29 JULY, 2021

Pangeanic: Sponsor of MT SUMMIT 2021, the largest global event on machine translation

Pangeanic: Sponsor of MT SUMMIT 2021,  the largest global event on machine translation

Pangeanic is set to join the prestigious AMTA MT SUMMIT 2021 on  August 16-20, a unique forum where researchers, developers, and experts will discuss advances in more than 20 different MT technologies.


MT SUMMIT 2021 100% Online

After a year in which the pandemic forced conferences and events across the globe to postpone their agendas, AMTA MT SUMMIT 2021 has reinvented itself as an online event.

Setting foot in the AMTA MT SUMMIT 2021 will be the most influential companies in the Language Technology sector. They will showcase the latest innovations and advances in Machine Translation and other fields of Natural Language Processing. Thanks to the event’s virtual nature, approach, more than 500 attendees from industry, academia, and MT specialists will be able to attend.

Pangeanic is proud to sponsor this event, as a partner of the EAMT (European Association for Machine Translation), our mission is fully aligned with theirs: we want to fuse human intelligence with technology so users can extract knowledge from data.


Which 2021 MT Summit events can you find us at?

Our CEO, Manuel Herranz, will be taking part in the speakers’ panel at the Open Networking Session on the 19th. You’ll also hear from Mercedes García Martinez, our Chief Scientist and expert in Neural Machine Translation.

Mercedes joined the previous AMTA MT SUMMIT in Dublin to present Pangeanic’s latest findings on “Incremental adaptation in machine translation” rolled out jointly with the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).

This time, join us in the User Provider slot 17, where Mercedes will be talking about our Neural Translation Engine pool for the European Union (NTEU), and its ability to automatically translate between the EU’s 24 official languages, with its 552 human-tested translation engines.



– UP17: Neural Translation for European Union (NTEU).

– Day: August 19.

– Time: 3:00 PM-3:20 PM CET (9:00 AM-9:20 AM ET)


Let’s talk – Online meetings at MT SUMMIT 2021

The full-scale digitization of the event helps industry leaders, academics, technicians, language service specialists, and all those interested in the development and innovation in artificial intelligence and machine translation, stay connected.

Digital networking will be key at this event – Pangeanic will operate a Slack channel to connect with all attendees.

Alyssa Yorgan Pangeanic
Alyssa Yorgan – Director of Business Development (US)

The larger goal of our partnerships with organizations like AMTA and our work on projects like Neural Translation EU (NTEU) and Multilingual Anonymisation for Public Administrations (MAPA) is to promote equal access to information regardless of language barriers.

AMTA is a central event for Pangeanic, as it brings together thought leaders from academia, tech, and language services. Anyone who wants to better understand the latest transformations in AI and ML, explore the latest MT and NLP technologies, or network with future partners and clients should consider attending.” Alyssa Yorgan

If you’d like to schedule a meeting with us to learn more about the benefits of machine translation and deep adaptive development, please get in touch:


PangeaMT: True AI in Language Processing

PangeaMT offers advanced solutions in machine translation, data collection, anonymization with true Artificial Intelligence combined with natural language processing. We develop customized and specific solutions according to each customer’s language processing needs.

CTA_Pangeanic sponsor MT summit 2021


ECO: Platform for intelligent linguistic data processing

ECO is the ultimate language processing ecosystem to obtain actionable insights from text data, privacy compliance, machine translation, and AI training data.

Read more: Pangeanic’s ECO selected as a central tool for a multilingual Europeana

Businesses, government entities, and language service providers use Pangeanic’s ECO platform to automate and optimize their multilingual content workflows.

ECO’s NMT capabilities help clients reduce costs and achieve over 90% parity with human translations.

Find out more about ECO’s, PangeaMT’s technological innovation, and the many language processing solutions it can offer to your company by making an appointment with our experts during AMTA MT SUMMIT 2021. We look forward to meeting you!

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