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Diary in a house translator

5 NOVEMBER, 2021
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Take Your Business to the Global Market
Diary in a house translator
5 November, 2021

Take Your Business to the Global Market

Congratulations – you have made it in the national market and are now ready to take your company to the global market. Exciting things are ahead, but to make a successful transition to the international market, you will need to consider some things. So, to start a successful extension, you… Read More

11 June, 2019

Dear Trados Studio… The Arabic language vs dialects

I am sure I am not the only Arabic translator who has asked herself why Trados Studio gives us the option of selecting the Arabic country we are translating for. As I scroll down the long list of what Trados Studio considers to be different languages, such as Arabic (Algeria),… Read More

24 May, 2019

The translator’s bible: 7 deadly sins of translation

As someone who runs QC tasks on a regular basis, I have developed a moral code on how to perform these tasks the best way possible. Learning from your translation mistakes is a rule of thumb, but it is even more rewarding when your job requires you to ruthlessly correct… Read More

23 April, 2018

What does it mean to be an intern at Pangeanic?

My name is Mélissa Martin, and as a Master’s student in translation in ESTRI, Lyon, I started looking for an internship in a translation agency in Spain. After several searches of internships online, I found Pangeanic. I visited their website and was able to see that it is… Read More

21 March, 2018

I’m an intern at Pangeanic

My name is María del Carmen Hidalgo, and I discovered Pangeanic thanks to my University and today I couldn’t be happier. From the first day, I felt very at ease and they helped me with everything I needed. As everybody knows, all beginnings are difficult, especially when it comes to… Read More

16 March, 2018

Intern at Pangeanic: What does it mean?

My name is Marie Escribe, and I study scientific and technical translation at Université Haute-Alsace, France and for my final year of Bachelor, I have to complete an internship in a translation agency. I decided to look for agencies in Spain and after a… Read More

6 February, 2018

The Pangeanic Intern Experience

My name is Valentina Peralta and this is my Intern Experience. I have a Bachelor of Science in German and Spanish Translation, and as of 2017, I was finishing my Master in Spanish Translation from Kent State University, Ohio, USA. It was during 2017 that I worked at… Read More

9 October, 2017

Benefits to Working Remotely as a Translator

The world of freelancing is facing a revolution, as the number of individuals who are self-employed and working remotely is booming across the globe. According to research on the global workplace, many Fortune 100 companies around the world are entirely revamping their business models based on the fact that many… Read More

24 July, 2017

What gets lost in translation?

As any linguaphile, word nerd or grammar enthusiast will be able to tell you, learning languages is not always an easy task. To complicate matters even more, when it comes to the art of translating from one language to another, there is always the risk of losing an extent of meaning… Read More

17 July, 2017

How much does a bad translation cost?

Almost all buyers of translation services face the same issues when assigning a translation project. There are two main inevitable factors, which are the service price and the delivery time. However, we have all used online translation services which are extremely tempting due to their instantaneousness and the fact that… Read More

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